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No Pandemic Amnesty! We Knew All COVID-19 Policies Were a Scam Before April 2020!

The Atlantic wrote the trending article "Let's Declare A Pandemic Amnesty" by Emily Oster on October 31st. As expected, the piece is being heavily criticized by people and provoked much frustration from readers. In summary, the article claimed that governments and the population only put in place all the damaging unscientific policies on society and the economy because they didn't know better. Oster suggests that public health and society were "unaware" of the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), the efficacy of masks, who were at risk, and the tremendous harms of lockdowns. The article also claimed governments weren't aware of the uselessness of school closures, outdoor transmission, the overreaction to COVID-19, and the mass inaccuracy of listing COVID-19 as the cause of death on death certificates. When skeptical doctors suggested that coronaviruses were seasonal, the Public Health Establishment silenced them. Public Health skeptics were labelled as heartless, grandma-killing conspiracy theorists if they sounded the alarm about the dangers of lockdowns. Professionals were sounding the alarm about how lockdowns caused a mental health risk, cancelled elective surgeries, economic collapse, rise in domestic violence and child abuse, poverty, increase in cancer deaths, worsening heart conditions, and other adverse outcomes.

Police beat people worldwide for simply not wearing a mask. They forced people to die alone, and elderly people were forced into unsafe conditions so politicians could save face. Children’s development was delayed, children killed themselves, and mental illness skyrocketed. Twenty percent of our population struggles to provide food, people lost their life savings and businesses. People were robbed of saying goodbye to loved ones, we convinced people that to be good citizens, they needed to isolate themselves. Children believed they were selfish for wanting to see their friends and go to school. People died because life-saving medical procedures were cancelled, and there was a surge in late-stage cancer discoveries because cancer screenings were postponed. Obesity, one of the number one killers in North America, is continuing to rise because we praise people for sitting on the couch all day instead of going out to exercise. The government made people’s lives so miserable and lonely that people died of suicide or drug overdose. There was an increase in drug and alcohol consumption because people couldn’t take it anymore. Generation Z is the most drug-addicted, depressed, anxious, confused, lonely and suicidal generation that ever lived. The Public Health regime did this on purpose. They knew all along what would happen. It didn’t reduce COVID-19 deaths, and they enforced useless and harmless policies anyways. All this damage was done for nothing, and now they want amnesty? I don't think so.

If we were indeed in the dark about all these things, I believe most people would be okay with "pandemic amnesty" (whatever that's supposed to mean). What if I told you that we knew all of these things by the end of April 2020, two months into the pandemic? How would you respond if you found out that their policies were not driven by science but by political power and public opinion? Below is a timeline of news articles and academic studies showing that public health and the public were not in the dark after April 2020.

It's important to understand that the people who made these policies knew all of this information; however, they pretended that they didn't gain more political power, reshape our society, and change the relationship between society and the government. The article claims that "precautions were totally misguided," and I would agree; however, we always knew they were misguided. The only reason they are coming clean now is that the general public is waking up to the stupidity of COVID-19 policies. Another example is that we knew cloth masks were utterly useless at the beginning, yet we still have mask mandates & discriminate against people who can't wear a mask. They did know; they didn't want to give up control; they loved the fear because a fearful person is a controllable person.

I believe the biggest lie in this article is that there was a "universal consensus that schools in the U.S. were closed for too long" and that teachers advocated for schools to reopen. There was no universal consensus; that is entirely false. I'm old enough to remember a protest among Los Angeles teachers pretending they would die if they had to return to in-person learning. Teachers' Unions lobbied to keep kids at home and masked despite not having the evidence to show that either would help stop transmission. There were pretty much ZERO consensuses that schools were closed for too long. There are still governments talking about more school closures.

The author continues to say that "people intended to mislead" the population; however, they are referring to the people who have been right on every single issue regarding COVID-19. What is outrageous is they are finally admitting that they lacked definitive data on the efficacy of the vaccines. We learned this fall from a top Pfizer executive that they never tested the vaccine on if it prevented transmission, yet they encouraged vaccine mandates. There are still vaccine mandates in place; for example, non-American citizens cannot enter the U.S. without showing proof of vaccination.

The article discourages people from gloating and pushing culture wars; however, they open fire. The Establishment wants to accuse us of gloating? What about the "I got vaccinated" sticker on Instagram? They were posting articles praising & encouraging people losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates. They started the divide between the vaccinated & the unvaccinated, the anti-lockdown crowd & the pro-lockdown crowd, and the "follow The Science" crowd & the people who followed the science. Finally, the article says that "getting something wrong wasn't a moral failing." I agree; however, lying about something for almost three years is a moral failure. Segregating society is a moral failure. Ruining peoples' lives because you don't like their medical choices is a moral failure. Again, I can move on & forgive regular citizens who were fooled into thinking they were doing the right thing. However, I will not forget the people like Anthony Fauci, Rachel Walinsky, the CDC, the WEF, the WHO, the NIH, or any government that blatantly lied to society to push radical policies to control society.

God calls us to forgiveness; however, forgiveness does not mean being a doormat. God calls us to seek justice, love what is good, and hate what is evil. It is our responsibility to "seek the nation's welfare" in which God placed us. Here in North America, we are so blessed to have been born into a free society; however, that freedom is quickly slipping away. People gave their lives so that we could be free. How selfish of us would it be to take their gift and throw it away? It reminds me of the parable in the Bible about the giving of The Talents. God shamed the one who didn't use his gift to further the Kingdom out of fear of losing it. If we do not keep our government accountable, we throw away the gift of freedom God blessed North America. Not only are we throwing it away for ourselves, but we are throwing it away for the next generation. Ronald Reagan put it perfectly himself:

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free".

- Ronald Reagan -

What are you going to do with this gift of freedom? Are you going to throw it away and let freedom die with you? Are you going to accept defeat? Or will you use the gifts God has given you to demand the welfare of the nation life God commanded us? The choice is up to you, but the consequences of your choice will impact everyone around you and everyone to come after you.

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